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Does your videowall looks like this? Transform outdated displays into jaw-dropping and bezel free videowall!

Are you concerned about upgrading your video wall cost? Trade in old displays. Our solutions transform screens into stunning High Resolution video walls with seamless bezels. Let’s discuss optimizing your visual environment within your budget.

Conventional videowall

Conventional walls with thick borders waste space, create unbalance brighness, shadow from bezel, will distract viewers. Outdated lower resolutions can't deliver the immersive experience audiences expect.

LED videowall screen

Completely customizable, bezel-free and easy to maintain, LED walls maximize engagement and impact. Your audience will be wowed by the stunning visual experience only possible with bezel-free LED wall. Embrace the future of AV technology today.

Installation and maintenace

Conventional video walls require rear maintenance due to complex backend structure, demanding professional installation. The heavy weight necessitates structural reinforcements, while intricate rear design and high total cost of ownership make traditional walls an expensive proposition.

Easy maintenace and cost less

Front-accessible maintenance and a lightweight design reduce installation costs and structural needs. The simplified rear design minimizes complexity, maintenance, and overall ownership costs. in the event of faulty display it can be swap instant with almost no down time.

Conventional panel is more fragile

Conventional video walls attempt to minimize bezels with thin metal, but the LCD panels behind remain fragile. Even slight impacts can crack screens or damage connections, especially at the vulnerable bezel edges. This fragility demands meticulous installation precautions to avoid expensive repairs.

LED videowall provide durability

Our LED video wall board is built for durability and protection. Sealed with epoxy resin, it offer water-proof, dust free, anti-collision, and anti static. . This added protection ensures that your investment in our LED video wall board is well-protected

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Since 1998, Kasturi Technology (358767-x) (199501029561) has focused on advanced video conferencing, high-quality audio systems, and impressive video walls and interactive displays, all designed to enhance meetings and increase productivity.

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