Kasturi offers a wide range of display solution to cater to the client every requirement from signages, to large format display, interactive screen, video wall, and projector. We also provide a turn-key solution from consultation to implementation and maintenance support.

Videowall in a corporate environment will provide an immersive display daily usage. The participant will able to enjoy the videowall in their own seating. This will enhance participant attention and better collaboration.

Digital signage is one of the most flexible and customizable forms to grab attention. this will enhance sales by promotion display on the signages as often as you need to. it provides dynamic and content updates quickly and easily across.

An interactive screen is a new form of all in one display solution without the need to have a keyboard and mouse. this can promote a clean desk concept meeting room. It also enhances collaboration and productivity among employees. 

Laser projector is an inexpensive and maintenance free option for large video display solution compare to videowall. It also provide high resolution with have wider color spaces, deep black levels and very high contrast ration for a crisp video.