Lifesize Video conference system 4K

Lifesize Icon 300

Ultrawide field of view and brilliant 4K presentation quality perfectly tuned for the huddle room

Lifesize Icon 500

Flexible by design to give you 4K video and 4K content sharing in a range of meeting spaces

Lifesize Icon 700

The premiere 4K video conferencing experience with 20x zoom and untouchable quality

Lifesize Award-winning Video conference system

Lifesize Icon 400

Small conference room solution with integrated camera

Lifesize Icon 450

Small conference room system with integrated camera and smart-framing sensor

Lifesize Icon 600

Medium conference room solution with support for dual displays

Lifesize Icon 800

Large all-hands and auditorium solution with support for third-party integrated AV solutions

Lifesize Video Conference Accessories

Lifesize Phone HD

Small conference room solution with integrated camera

Lifesize Share

Truly wireless media sharing makes passing cords from presenter to presenter a thing of the past

Lifesize Camera 10X

 Icon 600|800 for 10x zoom, full pan/tilt control and clear HD video quality

Lifesize Digital Micpod

Expand the audio pickup range for even the largest conference room tables