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Elevate your meeting experience with cutting edge auto tracking technology for conferencing

Experience seamless video conferencing with our automated tracking camera. With voice-activated switching and multiple optical zoom cameras, it follows speakers, ensuring clear views for remote participants. Enjoy production-quality meetings effortlessly, as it orchestrates camera movements and framing based on room microphone input.

Crestron Automate VX

Multi-camera tracking solution

Automate VX employs multiple optical zoom cameras and voice-activated switching to ensure remote participants enjoy a clear, crisp view of everyone in the room and in-person participants never have to think about where to look to follow the conversation.

Aver tracking camera

Aver DL 30 Tracking demo

AVer DL30 is a user-friendly and best companion for online learning. DL30 comes with tracking modes like presenter tracking, zone mode, or hybrid mode. It supports IP and USB connectivity for easy installation and direct connection to laptop. Best investment in terms of features and capability.