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MAXHUB Transcend Series adopts the first flip-over camera on a conference IFP, safeguarding the privacy when the camera is left idle. The camera would automatically flip to the front once you start a teleconference application. And after the session is over, the camera would automatically turn to the back. Even when the camera zooms in on one of the attendees at the back of the room, the video may still maintain its clarity and sharpness.

MAXHUB values both professionalism and innovation. MAXHUB Vogue Series is offering new colour options to infuse inspiration into studios and co-working spaces. Vogue Series features white, turquoise, and gold versions to fit different styles of interior décor. Equipped with the fantastic communication tools, MAXHUB Vogue Series connects not only meeting participants but also the vibrant minds and creative ideas, in ways unwitnessed before.

The Classic Series inherits our concept of minimalist design while delivering intuitive interactions as well as outstanding sound and video performance. For both local meetings and teleconferences, participants may visualise their ideas instantly. Communication on a Classic Series defies distance with the updated audio & visual systems, giving the distant meeting attendees the feeling as if they were joining the session in person.
integrated Videowall
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MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall
Raptor Series
Simple, Smart, Connected
Super simple and streamlined technology
Collaborate quickly and easily
Easy to install and maintain
Amazing audio built-in
Versatile and innovative
MAXConfig software

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360° All-in-One Camera
Be seen. Be heard. Be amazed by the all-in-one conference camera that tracks every face or follows every word in small to medium-sized spaces.
4K 180° Panoramic Camera and Even in the smallest room. Make the most of your limited space with full-picture immersive technology that captures every participant from far-to-the-left to all-the-way-right.

MAXHUB UC S10 ProSupercharge team collaboration with the MAXHUB UC S10 Pro, combining superior video and pro audio with built-in Android for a more productive meeting experience


Phenomenal 4K camera quality meets with state-of-the-art remote controls in the UC P25, for natural, seamless, and organic meeting experiences.

Premium performance and professional quality at the perfect price point HD 1080p Pro PTZ Camera With 12x Optical Zoom