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Experience the Logitech® Rally, a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your video conferencing and communication experiences. With its state-of-the-art Ultra-HD imaging system, the Rally delivers stunningly sharp video quality, rich and vibrant colors, and exceptional optical precision, supporting resolutions up to 4K. In addition to its remarkable video capabilities, the Rally system also features a modular audio setup that guarantees crystal-clear sound and unparalleled voice clarity. 

Rally Camera

Ultra-HD imaging system, Rally delivers brilliantly sharp video, outstanding color, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K. Adaptive Pan, Tilt and Zoom The smooth PTZ motor adjusts pan and tilt speed with the amount of zoom.

Rally Speaker

Rally speakers are designed for placement at the front of the room. With mic pods on the table and speakers at the display, voices and video come from a natural direction — and never from behind you — so conversations feel more natural and lifelike.

Rally Micpod

Rally delivers sound that’s natural, crisp, and highly intelligible. Exquisitely sensitive Mic Pods ensure that everyone in the meeting can be clearly heard while stand-alone speakers fill larger rooms with rich, life-like sound.

Right Sight

Logitech RightSight camera control technology automatically moves the lens and adjusts the zoom so no one gets left out of the picture. RightSight detects human figures, not just faces, to ensure that meeting participants remain in view and optimally framed on-screen.

Right Sound

Logitech RightSound is a suite of audio processing technologies and design innovations that deliver enterprise-class sound to video conferences. Optimized for the human voice, RightSound reduces unwanted vibrations and noise, and zeroes in on the active speaker to convey their every word with remarkable clarity.