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Infinity Video Bar

Elevate your video meetings with the InfinityPro Video Bar, a state-of-the-art conferencing solution. It guarantees top-notch video quality, powerful speakers, and advanced microphones. This all-in-one solution caters to meeting rooms of all sizes, offering exceptional optics and automated PTZ for a seamless experience. With the InfinityPro Video Bar, your virtual meetings will be just as impactful and lifelike as in-person collaborations, ensuring everyone can participate with ease. 

With 4 wireless extension microphones to enlarge voice pick up range up to 10 meters ensure that everyone in the meeting is clearly heard.


The Video Bar's HiFi speakers and powerful digital audio amplifier provide high fidelity sound, ensuring clear and loud voice projection throughout the meeting room for all attendees to hear.

The four of the advance wireless micrphone provide the best flexibilty and verstile


The four advanced wireless microphones offer exceptional flexibility and versatility. is designed to improve the voice pickup range in medium to large meeting rooms.