Our Solutions Services

Video Conferencing Systems and Room Rental

We are happy to loan our video conferencing systems and rooms to clients who have limited office space, or only conduct business meetings on an ad hoc basis. Fitted with top-of-the-line equipment, you can be assured of a comprehensive conferencing experience that is convenient, cost-effective and secure.


Video Conferences

Kasturi Technology Malaysia also coordinates video conferencing, which facilitate multi-party interaction and participation in on-site meetings, regardless of location. Real-time discussions can be held across platforms, offices and regions, saving commuter time and cost.


Maintenance and Support

Kasturi Technology Malaysia also provides professional maintenance and support services. Our highly skilled engineers are all trained to service, maintain and train customers to be familiar with their conferencing systems. Our maintenance and support contracts are categorised under preventive and comprehensive.



Kasturi Technology Malaysia is able to provide customers with on and off-site repair services in the event that a malfunction is identified. Upon receiving a case we will deploy our engineers on-site to analyse the cause and if possible resolve the problem immediately. In the event that your equipment requires to be taken off site, we are able to accommodate a temporary replacement system.



Should your conferencing system required to be moved to another room within the office or to be relocated to another premises altogether, our professional team will ensure that relocation will be done swiftly and smoothly. We provide preliminary equipment assessment and inspection of the new site before the actual relocation process.



We believe that our customers will get the most out of their conferencing systems through acquiring comprehensive knowledge. We provide training and refresher courses for technical and non-technical personnel. These courses are tailored to prepare your staff with the most updated information and functions of your conferencing systems.