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LifeSize® Team 220™
LifeSize® Team 220™

Beyond the technology and over and above the service and support, LifeSize Team 220 offers proven enrichment in workgroup efficiency. LifeSize designs video communications solutions with absolute user simplicity in mind. This is the face-to-face communications experience to rely on when you need to make decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Overview


    Capable of connecting up to 4 remote sites (participants) anywhere around the world. Typically, that means you can connect three remote offices to your HQ operation.

    Compact and sleek design

    Allows simple installation and collocation where your display is situated. No need to install in a data-center and incur large cabling expense.

    Low noise

    Operation means you can install the device in the same room without disrupting the meeting participants.

    Content Sharing & Natural Meeting Experiences

    Easily start any of your facilities to share your PC desktop with other participants over the globe, seeing everyone in the call and switch views to look at any site with just a push of a button.

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